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Cambodia’s Public Holidays in 2013

Cambodia Water festival in Phnom PenhCambodia has a number of public holidays but most of these holidays will not really affect your holidays in Cambodia. Khmer New Year and the Cambodia Water Festival are probably the busiest Cambodia Public Holidays, and in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap it can be very busy around these times.


The busiest time of year for tourism is probably Chinese New Year, and although it is not an official public holiday in Cambodia, there are many Cambodians with Chinese ancestors who celebrate this holiday. During Chinese New Year there are many tourists visiting Siem Reap and Phnom Penh, and we recommend you book any Angkor tours well in advance. Pchum Ben is also a very important holiday for Cambodians, and most people will go back to their homelands during this period. Pchum Ben is a holiday where family pay respects to the spirits of any members of family which have already departed this world.

Public Holidays

1st January -      International New Year

7th January -     Victory Day – The Overthrow of Pol Pot

25th January -   Meak Bochea Day – Buddhism Ceremony

10th February - Chinese New Year (although not an official holiday)

8th March -       International Women’s Day

13-15th April -  Khmer New Year celebrations

01st May -         International Labour Day

13-15th May -   The King’s Birthday Celebrations

24th May -        Visak Bochea Day

28th May -         Royal Ploughing Day

01st June -         International Children’s Day

18th June -         The King's Mother's Birthday

24th Sept. -        Constitutional Day

03-05th Oct. -    Bonn Pchum Ben Day – (Spiritual Holiday)

15th October -   Commemoration of the King’s Father

23rd October -  Paris Peace Agreements Day

29th October -   The King's Coronation Day

31st October -   The King's Father's Birthday

09th Nov. -        Cambodia Independence Day from the French

16-18th Nov. -   Water Festival (Bonn Om Tuk)

10th Dec. -         International Human Rights day


If any Cambodia Public holidays fall on a Saturday or Sunday then the following Monday will be an official holiday.

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