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Where is Cambodia, Kingdom of Wonder?

Map of Cambodia - Where is Cambodia?Speaking of places to visit in the Southeast Asia often leaves out a beautiful place, Cambodia. This raises very important questions; where is Cambodia located, and what does the country have to offer? To answer the former question, the Kingdom of Cambodia is located in the southern side of Indochina Peninsula in Southeast Asia. A proper description of the country's location cannot be given without reference to its neighbouring countries; Vietnam to the south and east and Thailand to the north and west. Lao's people republic borders Cambodia to the north. In the international sphere, it is quite hard to mention Cambodia without mentioning Vietnam and Thailand since the three nations have a catchy history.

Flights from Bangkok to Siem Reap with Bangkok AirwaysOften, tourists travel to Cambodia via Vietnam due to its proximity to Cambodia's capital of Phnom Penh and the thrill of traveling through the countryside to reach the destination. Entering Cambodia through its borders is a thrill everyone would like to experience from enjoying the scenery to the transport system equivalent to jeep safaris. It is important to note that Cambodia has only two international airports used by millions of tourists annually. In addition, air travel ensures a view of the low-lying central plain surrounded by low mountains including Tonle Sap (Great Lake) and the Mekong river delta. Mekong river flows south through the eastern region to the transitional plains connecting to the eastern highlands characterized by forested mountains. The highest peak in Cambodia rises to 5,949 feet in the inhabited areas close to the gulf of Thailand.

Kompong Phluk floating village in Siem Reap, CambodiaGeographically, Tonle Sap (Great Lake) represents the heartland of Cambodia. The lake expands to at least 24,605 square kilometres! during the rainy season; thus, the area is highly populated. This region is dedicated to rice cultivation and its designation as a biosphere reserve makes it a famous tourist destination in Cambodia. It would interest you a lot to visit the area just before the rainy season begins to experience the breath-taking events accompanied by the lake's expansion. The rice plantations in this region add to the aesthetic effect of Cambodia.

Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, CambodiaLanding in Siem Reap airport will enable you to visit the Angkor Wat Temple Complex which is home to Cambodia's culture and history. It is always exciting to learn about other cultures. On the other hand, a route through Sihanoukville airport in the southern province ensures easy access to the sand beaches and natural tropical islands. Sihanoukville answers the question; where is Cambodia's appeal? In response, the appeal comes from the southern sea (Gulf of Thailand) which makes up Cambodia's premier beach and final destination for tourists who wish to stay in unspoiled beaches. The Gulf of Thailand is home to many species of crabs that make a formidable delicacy in the beaches. Further into the sea are various islands which may be exciting to visit.
By now the question where is Cambodia? Is obsolete. Great pleasure lies in experiencing the new experiences the country has to offer by visiting the place personally. A visit to Cambodia will not
disappoint you even in the worst of days.

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