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Phnom Penh Airport, Cambodia

Phnom Penh Airport, CambodiaPhnom Penh Airport formerly known as Pochentang International Airport is a modern airport facility in Cambodia. It is located about 10 kilometers from Phnom Penh which is the capital city of Cambodia. Note that Phnom Penh City is located along the Banks of River Mekong. This city has been Cambodia’s capital city since the colonization period of Cambodia by France.
Phnom Penh Airport, Cambodia is situated at an elevation of 12m above sea level. The airport has a runway designed with asphalt surface. It measures 3000 x 50 meters that is equivalent to 9800 ft x 160 ft. Phnom Penh international airport has made Cambodia become one of the nations with economic and industrial prosperity.
Moreover, Phnom Penh Airport is bigger than the other two international airports in Cambodia. This airport is serviced by quite a number of Asia airlines. These include Thai Airways, Bangkok Airlines, Dragon Airlines, Silk Air and Vietnam Airlines among others.

Getting to and from Phnom Penh Airport, Cambodia

Phnom Penh airport taxiThere is no hassle to get to this airport from Phnom Penh city center. This is because there are many taxi services that you may hire. You may also hire a tuk-tuk or a motorcycle to Phnom Penh Airport from the city. Note that it may cost you an average of $ 10 for a taxi car, $ 6 for a tuk-tuk or an average of $ 5 for a motorcycle ride. Getting from this airport is also hassle free. This is because there are also many taxi as well as tuk-tuk services ferrying people to any part of Cambodia. Note that you may also hire a three wheeled cycle rickshaw ride to and from Phnom Penh city to this airport. This is one of the relaxed experiences that you will enjoy. Remember there is no centralized public bus station in Phnom Penh.

The visa section at Phnom Penh Airport, Cambodia

Cambodia VisaUpon arrival at Phnom Penh Airport you will need to apply for a visa. Note that you may also apply for your visa at your royal Cambodian Embassy in your home country. Remember that not all visitors may require visas on arrival. These persons include nationals of Singapore, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Indonesia and Philippines. However, most nationalities are allowed to stay in Cambodia for up to thirty days. Note that issuance of a visa is based upon other factors such as you must be having enough money to stay in Cambodia among other requirements. Check Cambodia Visas for more information.

Currency exchange

Cambodian currencyUpon arrival at Phnom Penh Airport, Cambodia holding other currency, you will get an opportunity to exchange. Note that Riel is the currency used in Cambodia. However, many people in Cambodia like using US dollars. It is advisable that you convert your currency to US dollars as it is easier to manage your money. Check Cambodian currency for more information.

Entertainment outside Phnom Penh Airport, Cambodia

There are plenty of entertainment joints outside Phnom Penh Airport, Cambodia. There are many bars and restaurants with live music. You can also enjoy evening cruises on River Mekong.

Where to stay outside Phnom Penh Airport

There are many places outside this airport where you can get accommodation. Many accommodation joints are located along Mekong River and in Phnom Penh city.


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