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 Angkor Wat, the most amazing sight in Cambodia

Angkor Wat sunset, Angkor temples, CambodiaCambodia, one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world is a home of many beautiful types of sceneries. Tourists come marveling from all corners of earth about the great features they read in the internet, media or bulletins. Well, if you have just been hearing about them, start planning to visit them and see just how you can make your visit enjoyable and worth mentioning even to your future grandchildren. The features are not only attractive and amazing, but also breathtaking and affordable to visit.


Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom, CambodiaOne of the most common features which attract a lot of tourists annually is Angkor Wat. This is one of the many Angkor temples which host thousands of visitors every year. Located in Angkor city which boarders Siem reap, another tourist attraction town, Angkor Wat is one of the most visited Angkor temples in Cambodia. The most striking features of this temple are the beauty and the preservative nature of the city. The culture of the people of Angkor has been sustained and maintained through a magnificently long time. This has made the city a hub of finest Cambodian monuments full of outstanding tourism features.


Angkor Wat, Angkor temples, CambodiaAngkor Wat is now a Buddhist monument where the culture, religion and the traditions of the Buddhist communities are preserved and ultimately used for tourist attraction. Like in other Angkor temples, Angkor Wat has a mixture of attractive components which include relics and sculptures. However, more important in the temple is the culture preservation by the Buddhist monks of Cambodia. The symbolic nature of the Angkor wat is also another striking feature of this monument. Built by King Suryavarman the II, the monument reiterated the symbolism of the setting sun with death. The towers of this great monument are very attractive and symbolic of the world’s central mountain, Mt Meru.  The appearance of these towers is amazing. A view of them from space is even more interesting. With Angkor Wat and other similar Angkor temples, Cambodia is proud to be such a prominent monument host.


Angkor Wat, Angkor templesAngkor Wat also derives some of its prestige and fame from its neighboring tourist attraction town of Siem reap. Arguably, Siem reap is an opening into Angkor. Therefore, it is a pass way to the temple of Angkor Wat. This Angkor temple also extends to Siem reap where the home of Chinese culture is based. While in Angkor wat, it is enjoyable to view the beauty of Siem reap. This makes Angkor wat even more appropriate for all kinds of tourist activities. The monument stands out as Angkor and Siem reap’s best tourist attraction feature, and perhaps throughout Cambodia.

Indeed, Cambodia is your tourism dream destination. The monuments in the country are indisputable. Their outstanding relief and architecture will make you look forward to going back to Cambodia after an enjoyable visit to its famous Angkor wat and other Angkor temples as well as exceptional attractions in Siem reap. The most attractive of these features and monuments is the famous Angkor Wat.

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