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Cambodia E-Visa

The Cambodia E-Visa is great way to get your visa, especially if you are entering Cambodia via one of the main Cambodia Border Crossings. We would recommend that you obtain a Cambodia E-Visa if you are entering Cambodia via the Poipet border or the Koh Kong border. Both of these borders are infamous for overcharging for the pp Cambodia Visa on Arrival.  If you are arriving at Siem Reap Airport or Phnom Penh Airport then we recommend you just get a Cambodia Visa on Arrival as it is pretty straight forward and costs US$20 only. If you taking one of our Angkor Tours but you are not arriving at one of the airports then email us for more information

Although officially you should be able to leave Cambodia at any international Cambodia Border Crossing, we have heard stories where some travelers have been asked for “tea money” when exiting some of the more remote crossings.

A Cambodia E-Visa costs US$25 and can be obtained online. Children under 12 years old do not need to pay for the visa. However, children must pay US$5 for the administration fee for processing the visa. Please note unlike the Cambodia E-Visa, children under 14 years old do not need to pay for the Cambodia Visa when obtaining the Cambodia Visa on Arrival. You can obtain the Cambodia E-Visa via the following website

If you would like to obtain your Cambodia before you arrive in Cambodia then you can also obtain your Cambodia Visa at any Cambodian Embassy. This is a good option if you do not like the idea of the online E-Visa. If you are in Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh or Vientiane then you can obtain your Cambodia Visa pretty easily at the Cambodian Embassy in any of these cities. A visa is normally issued within 24 hours for US$20 only.

Overstaying on your visa

 If you happen to overstay on your visa then your will be US$6 for each day you are overstayed. If you do overstay on your visa it does not affect you re-entering the country at anytime.

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