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Staying healthy on your Cambodia Tours


Cambodia has come a long way in ensuring the health of its citizens and that of those willing to tour the different regions in the area. Much has been accomplished; thus, staying healthy while in Cambodia is now an individual affair. However, while in Cambodia, the most comment ailments for tourists are diarrhea and in some cases, sunstroke.

Now, sunstroke leads to excessive exhaustion and failure of function due to excessive heat. Diarrhea is a simple case of not observing proper hygiene. In both cases, drink a lot of water due to dehydration. Eating hot food will reduce the effects of the diarrhea. Cambodia is famous for its natural fruits in the market places. However, only eat salads and peeled fruits which you are certain that they have been washed with clean drinking water. In addition, only use ice made from drinking water. Going slow on the alcohol will save you hours of stomach upsets due to the sun. Even so, do not let the fear of illness infringe your right to having a good time. Also, try to enjoy the sceneries under the comfort of shades.

While on tour to Cambodia, most people enquire about Malaria. It is true that Malaria affects many Cambodians but that is only due to lack of taking proper precautions against mosquito bites. The beautiful tropical forests of Cambodia harbor mosquitoes but that should not prevent you from visiting them. Major cities such as Siem Reap, Sihanoukville and Phnom Penh have little or no cases of malaria. It is unlikely to get malaria while visiting these cities; thus, anti-malarial tablets are not necessary. However, it is advisable to seek medical opinion from experts. In the remote areas of Cambodia, anti-malarial tablets come in handy.

Usually, mosquitoes that cause malaria in Cambodia bite you towards the end of the day; afternoons and evenings. As prevention is the best cure, always ensure that you protect yourself from mosquito bites during this time. The best way to prevent the bites is by using the DEET repellant and covering your skin adequately. Mosquito coils and sprays also work in extreme cases.

Another common illness in Cambodia is the dengue fever caused by the dengue virus which is transmitted by mosquitoes. Although malaria is not prevalent in the major cities, Dengue fever is. In fact, dengue fever is more common compared to malaria. Being cautious to avoid mosquito bites will save you from getting the fever. Note that dengue fever is not entirely fatal if you receive medical attention early enough.

Good health will ensure that you have a good time in Cambodia. You will find that the Cambodians are very helpful when it comes to illness. Begin by reporting to your hotel manager in case you feel sick. The manager can direct you to a medical professional in the area. Though you do not necessarily expect to get sick, ensure that your travel insurance is up to date such that it can cater for medical services. This is important for an emergency especially when you visit alone.


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