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Cambodia Visa on Arrival

Visitors to Cambodia can obtain a “Tourist” visa (T type), “Ordinary” visa (E type) or the “Special K” on arrival in Cambodia at most entry points. If you need the Cambodia Business Visa then you apply for the “Ordinary” visa which is visa type E.


Cambodia Visas for Tourists

Cambodia tourist visaTourist visas are officially US$20 and are for single entry only for a 30 day period for most nationalities. Siem Reap Airport and Phnom Penh Airport are generally US$20 to obtain a Cambodia Visa. However, entering Cambodia via any other international entry point will probably cost you more than US$20 due to their so called “Express Service”. A passport sized photo is required with your visa, but if you happen to forget your photo then you can generally pay a few dollars to get a photocopy instead. Children under 14 years of age do need visas but they are issued free. If you are taking one of our Angkor Tours, then we recommend you get this type of visa on arrival in Cambodia.

Cambodia Business Visas

The Cambodia Visa for people wanting to business in Cambodia is officially US$25 for single entry only for a 30 day period. The Cambodia Business Visa is best obtained by entry to Cambodia via one of the two international airports or one of the major  Cambodia Border Crossings. A passport sized photo is required with your Cambodia Business Visa.

Cambodia  Special “K” Visas

The Cambodia Special “K” visa is for people with foreign passports who were born in Cambodia. To be eligible for the Special “K” visa, you must have at least one parent who is a Cambodian national. When entering Cambodia you must be travelling with your Cambodian parent to obtain the Special “K” visa. You and your parent must also have your Cambodian birth certificates with you. The Special “K” visa is issued free and the visa is indefinite.  

Cambodia Visa Extensions

Tourist visas can be extended for one month only and you can get an extension via most travel for around US$45. 

Cambodia Business Visas can be extended for 1 month or 3 months for a single entry visa or you can extend for 6 months or 1 year for a multiple entry visa. You can get an extension via most travel agents for around US$50 for 1 month, US$85 for 3 months, US$155 for 6 months and US$290 for 1 year.

Overstaying on your visa

If you happen to overstay on your visa then your will be US$6 for each day you are overstayed. If you do overstay on your visa it does not affect you re-entering the country at anytime.

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